Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunset on the Road

     I just have this fascination with sunsets, so oftentimes when I go home from work, or just hanging out down at the beach that's right in front of Kids International Ministries, where I was working, I'd be watching the sun set at the back.
     Whenever I see it, I just feel so relieved and burden free. Most people often take nature for granted and all the works of God displayed in it. We tend to get busy with all the activities of live that we tend to forget to live.
     When I say live and talk about living, I mean it in the sense that we have to appreciate God and do what he wants, and that is to worship and glorify Him, and one way to do that is to appreciate and care for His creations, one of the many creations He has made, is our world and the beauty we see in it.
     I may be weird to most people, but I count it all joy if you call me weird when I worship God through the beauty He has made.
     Nature also reminds me that all we need is God and he will just take care of everything else, nature reminds me of the real priorities and the main reason we live in this world.
     So, the next time you see the sunset or any other form of nature and you stand in awe of it's beauty, remember the Creator, who loved us so much, He bought us even when He already owns us just to express His love for us.

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