Saturday, June 14, 2014

When We Were Young

We as children have encountered problems
But you've been through it
We as teenagers experienced pain
But you've experienced it

When we were young
You molded us
When we grew up
You scolded us

When we were naive
You taught us
When we gained knowledge
You admonished us

When it was our day
You pampered us
Now it's your day
Give the burden to us

When you were young
You could do all those things
But now you are old
We'll take on what life brings

Once in our lives
We felt you'll always be there
But as we grow up
We feel its gonna be near

We don't want to lose you
We want to be with you
So be well and healthy
That will make us happy

You, like us, have flaws
Imperfections and mistakes
But, let's face it
Who doesn't make mistakes

I won't make it long
Cuz, today is your day
I want to greet you
A Happy Father's Day

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