Friday, August 8, 2014

The Art of my Heart

The Art of my Heart
 Wandering in uncertainty

Lost in this fantasy,
Running from the pain
Soaked in the rain

Using my body
Moving it freely,
Flowing through the pavement
In unrestricted movement

I climb and I vault
I don’t see any fault,
But this I’m guilty
I see things differently

When I fly through the air
I forget my fear,
But when I descend
The euphoria ends

Walls, benches and rails
I’ve had my fair share of fails,
But this is my passion
It sets my emotion

Vaults, Flips and Rolls
It defines my roles,
Painting a picture
This is my gesture

This is my art
It’s in my heart,
The environment is my canvass
My body is the paintbrush

Neon Sky

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